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Clients often ask what strategies to employ in order to break through the competitive clutter and here’s what we say: Just be earnest. Provide something genuinely useful to your consumer and you’ll not only capture attention, but also gain their loyal support.

The current Indian media landscape has grown competitive in terms of which brand can be bigger, brighter and louder just to get a few seconds of the consumer’s attention. But in all honesty, most of these eye grabbing advertisement tactics hardly work, especially with language like “OMG Sale!” or “All-Natural” or the over-used “handcrafted artisan”.

All in all, things that matter today to customers is how genuine your services are and how straightforward your approach is. It’s all about solving a problem and meeting a need. With consumers turning out brands right and left, it’s no surprise that we have to help them break through the clutter and find a connect with the brand.

And this connect comes with honesty. The recent example was Flipkart’s Big Billion Day sale. Touted as the biggest eCommerce sale of the year, the team at Flipkart left no stone unturned in order to advertise their sale widely, right from billboards to alerts on mail, TV commercials and text prompts, they made sure, that each and every person, knew about the sale, before the Big Day!

The sale turned out to be the most widely marketed sale in eCommerce history in India, but also left the majority of masses disgruntled and agitated, owing to their web page crashing, products going out of stock, all due to the heavy traffic and increasing number of online shoppers who turned into Flipkart on The Big Billion Day.

In spite of the economic reaps; the day was a downfall for Flipkart in terms of losing the trust of their buyers and the sale coming off as a scam, with certain product prices being raised just few days before, only to be brought down at discounted rates on the “Big Billion Day”.

And that’s when Flipkart, a company led by visionary founders went on to issue an earnest apology, which only few in India have been able to execute, showing that they are not hiding behind the INR 600 crore sales figure.

Instead, they acknowledged in this honest to heart letter to each and everyone of its consumers that they messed up. The founders admitted to the lack of preparations at the company’s end and apologized. “We saw unprecedented interest in our products and traffic like never before. We also realized that we were not adequately prepared for the sheer scale of the event. We didn’t source enough products and deals in advance to cater to your requirements,” they said.

The letter from the founders ended in an emotional note saying, “Everything that we have achieved at Flipkart is purely on the basis of our customer’s trust and faith. This is why we come to work each day and continue to remain extremely passionate about building the best possible customer experience for Indian consumers. We failed to live up to this promise yesterday and would like to apologize once again to every single customer for our failure.”

With a genuine and earnest apology like that, the same buyers who dished Flipkart took to social media to appreciate the honesty with which the company accepted its mistakes and how they’re willing to give Flipkart yet another chance. Now, that’s what we call an excellent PR.

So, here’s a simple funda to retain your customers even if you do goof up. Accept your mistakes. Apologize and stay true to who you are as a brand. Because, although marketing trends may change, but being earnest in business will never go out of fashion.

14 7 / 2014

“Mail me the project timeline”, the client replies and then starts a train of tasks to set one.

When a project is approached, there is always a tentative date that the developer sets as a personal milestone. He then figures an approximate date considering the miscellaneous work to set a date and sketches a project timeline for the client to understand the flow of work with time. Sounds legit and simple, you think?  Stick to the plan. Get work done.

Ah! If only it were so.

Although a definite date is set, this date now has to overcome several obstacles. For starters, awaiting the designs from the web designer. Making sure the developer has finally got his hands on what now is termed as the “approved design” by the client. This step takes longer, since sometimes feedback arrival from the client team takes longer than the tentative estimated time.

After coding the website, it still takes another week to test it. No digital agency that believes in quality services skips this one and none should.

At times, the client’s marketing team already announces the website launch date, starts campaigning the release on social media, newspapers and so on without consulting the developers. This leads to greater confusion. To avoid this confusion, it is always better to have the developer in the loop, as to what stage the project is on and ONLY when you get a green signal from the developers’ team, should the marketing strategy prove good for one and all.

So, now you know why project timelines have been so dreaded for years on by both parties alike. We at Jetbro, hence believe in keeping things better organized with regular discussions with clients, reporting them with our progress milestones during a regular interval of time. Saves the mess and avoids confusion.

Got a project that needs immediate attention? Give us a call. We love team challenges.

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Community Service Appointments is an effort to bring community service organizations together with people who are passionate about their profession and career choices. The website is an attempt to explore exclusive features sufficed by an easy to navigate approach for users who visit and wish to use the services.

In collaboration with Sakari design, Jetbro recently developed a job portal, which gives clients as well as recruiters, user exclusivity.

While currently the recruitment agencies contact their candidates with phone calls or mails, here recruiters may access them instantly through the site. This customized portal allows recruiting agencies and candidates to manage their posting/candidature list in an organized forum.

With candidates and employers having their own log in credentials, this portal serves exclusively to each of them and avoids random spam, providing the recruitment agencies an edge over the rest, with cleaner searches.

If you are a potential employee this portal will allow you to search for and find positions of interest quickly and easily. You can also establish an account which will allow you to store your resume and other important documents, have positions that are of interest emailed to you automatically and of course you can apply for jobs online.

Looking to do something similar with your office venture? There’s nothing better than a website to take your business to the next level. Globally. And no one knows it better than Jetbro. Give us a call now!

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With a creative digital agency, one has several presumptions. And they are bound to be. A team of highly opinionated set of creative thinkers. Must be a handful, eh? But with Jetbro, although we have our own set of loud laughs and occasional melodrama, what we proudly never had are ego clashes.

This is mostly because Jetbro, doesn’t address the team as “Employees” but as “individuals”. You won’t find any of us introducing each other as a “colleague”, that’s how tightly knit our creative juices, has got us. We have our weekly Dartboard leagues and cake smashing birthday celebrations along with those crunching Friday night deadlines that keeps us on the edge of creative freedom. While all these factors differentiate Jetbro from other tech/web design companies, the best differentiating factor that keeps Jetbro way above the rest is the ability to resist the corporate culture and management level hierarchies. Each one of us are the kings and queens of our own projects and seek shameless privileges in boasting about them during team discussions.

We don’t exactly fit the bill, of how usual IT firms function, with those corporate work environments where everyone dresses the same and just assumes that, that’s how work is supposed to be. In fact some of our team’s sense of work fashion could scare you.  At Jetbro, the company doesn’t snoop in our computers nor do we have “special hours” where we’re allowed to have lunch or make a phone call. They don’t jail us, until of course one of us comes up with a shady pastime game. Wait. Did we just say that, out Loud?  

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Lately, the service industry has been obsessed with the idea of User Experience. Debates over multicolour website, monochromatic websites, flashy layouts, minimalistic designs are only getting more complex with every passing day.

The industry spends huge sums on understanding its user and the subconscious susceptibility of every layout and functionality of a website on the user. What many forget while trying to pick the best User Experience is that THERE IS NO Best. There are Bests.

Bear with us, as we elaborate what that means. There is no good, perfect or bad taste. There are different tastes for different people. What seems perfect for one, must be of a lesser value for another. Another thing about the human psyche is that we don’t really know what we want deep down. You may go to coffee shop and order a dark chocolate coffee, but deep down you seek comfort in a milky mild chocolate coffee. So what exactly makes people happy? How do you pin point on that one User Experience, which will make them happy, when they themselves remain indecisive of what they like and don’t like.

The idea is simple. Give them multiple options. This very idea has revolutionized food and packaging industry over the past decade.  Be it Lays, Kurkure, Tomato Ketchups or a Starbucks counter, the consumer is spoilt with choices. He can get exactly what he wants. He might try multiple choices, but he’ll turn out a regular for that one Garlic flavor tomato ketchup or that one Roasted almond dark chocolate. And there! The brand owns another religious consumer, who’ll always get back to them because they serve them that one flavor or taste that others skipped.

This very philosophy can be applied to user experience to earn that religious stream of users, who’ll get back to your site over and over again. Instead of undertaking surveys to find out that one best user experience, the data could be addressed to find out bests. Let the users decide two versions of a website. For example Flipkart could come up with two versions of their website. One is their regular mode, where you stream for options for let’s say shoes and then wait for another page to load to look for more options. Or another one, where all the options are laid out in a PDF file and all you have to do is hit a ctrl+F key to narrow down your product of choice. To those who know what they want and don’t want to waste anymore time, going through other unwanted display of choices, the second website is the perfect platform to do just that.

So, why not make 2-3 user experiences available? Because there isn’t just one Best. There are multiple bests. The bell curve of user experience analysis is never a perfect curve, there are always, 2-3 choices that standout and the analyzer with his intellectual decisiveness, pin points one. Let’s not do that. Let’s have our users decide, which user experience suits them best.

The client has nothing to lose. In fact two websites for his business will only lead to higher conversions for a site like Flipkart or say an IRCTC website. Increased sales and more traffic and not to mention a chain of consumers who now have a website that works exactly how they want it to, thus earning a religious follower in each and every one of them. 

Wondering how these amazing concepts come from? And how we could help you track those multiple bests? Give Jetbro a call. We’re always up for a coffee. Or drop us a line at coffee@jetbro.in.

CREDITS: Sharva Jethwa (His experience at Monash University and the first TED Talk he ever watched)

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Being a start-up or just starting out implementing your own idea and to see it grow is a privileged journey of its own. Being a digital creative agency with its own set of foot holds in the commercial arena, Jetbro knows exactly what it needs to fuel your start-up venture into an established business model.

Define your Brand

Every start up venture needs to define its own Brand. With our team of creative assets, we help you through this journey. This is more about what kind of an emotion or school of thought do you want people to remember you by. It’s about how your brand makes them feel. Like, Coca Cola is about “Spreading Happiness” and has a young, vivacious energy to every new endorsement they make. While Old Spic takes the plunge as bold and teases on its audience to be “Mantastic”.

Branding (Logo/Design/Office Stationery)

The feel of the brand invites every aspect of your company. After defining what your brand starts for, we set out on a journey of illustrating a logo, that defines everything that your brand and business, stands for. Be it sketching that perfect logo or staging your office stationary to leave a customize feel to your space. We do it all.

Your Official Website

Website is the most efficient portal to reach to a wider spectrum of audience across the globe and we understand the pressure that comes with building the perfect website that soothes your business and brand value. For us, website isn’t about just another set of web pages. We brainstorm. We contemplate. We survey your user demographics and then sit to draw multiple sketches or blueprints of how your website could look. Giving you multiple options to choose for, in terms of designs and functionalities. So, yes! When it comes to building a brand’s website, we are the guys that will get things done.

An Internal Business Application

Start-ups today look for ways to ease their work flow, data inflow and outflow through customized applications to reduce the amount of work force put in. Our team builds business applications and systems that will further ease your business operations to simplify your start up for your staff and consumers alike.

Bringing your Brand to the Masses

Nothing gets the word around buzzing about your start up any better than social media sites. This is where our team converts your monologues into dialogues. Be it just starting an instant buzz or acing the conversation on Facebook/Twitter, converting your followers into future user/client base, we know exactly what needs to be done. We understand the budget constraints that a start-up faces and hence, sometimes it is easier to just provide our expertise to devise a social strategy, where from the start-up team could post their own tweets and posts and build their business audience on social media sites.

We have worked with several start-ups as well as incubation centres like iCreate and Incube Ventures, who recommend us to several budding start-ups in the country. So believe us when we say, we know exactly what you’re going through while sketching that first business model or crowd sourcing funds online. We’ve seen it all and we understand the economic constraints. For us, in your brand’s successes and growth charts, lies our selfish interest to see our market grow with you.

Starting from cementing that first corner stone to marketing your business presence across audiences and demographics, Jetbro will make sure that your Business reaches the heights you always imagine it to be and more.

Mighty impressed? Drop us a line at coffee@jetbro.in and we’ll take care of all your start-up woes.


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Being an Indian creative agency invites a lot of preconceived misconceptions. These notions set in misguided patterns on how an Indian creative agency works, among clients. These set in misconceptions are sadly the result of how the local market thinks of an Indian creative agency, which goes onto hamper the approach of the foreign community as well.

 Thou maketh good Coders and not great designers

This is a common misconception among foreign clients when they outsource creative website or system projects. A false notion has been set that while Indians make genius coders, it’s better to outsource the design part to someone else. This thought stems from how the local market doesn’t invest much time or money in Indian Web designers for them to show-off how beautifully a client’s project can be displayed. With well researched and thought out wireframes, an Indian web-designer can spray magic on screen with a User Experience that transpires from being a local work to an artistry that’s appreciate across borders.

The Good ones are taken

Here’s what’s happening. It is not easy for a local client to afford a creatively world class Indian creative agency. The time, energy, research and the creative exhaustive workforce that they employ, obliges them to at least ask for a cost that justifies the efforts of the entire team. So, while most of the foreign companies pay them in a higher price value foreign currency, the agency automatically sets a standard price bench for its services to the tunes of what they’re being paid. This may not be exactly something a local client can afford, thus for them “The Good ones are taken”.

The Indian creative agency will do it for less

Unfortunately, this one’s a highly prevalent mind set and we for one, have no idea why? With every project that a creative agency takes, it puts in as much research, work-through, time and creative work force as maximally as it can. Sure, the work patterns differ across the world, across agencies, but we all look up to deliver artistically stimulating and technological advanced projects, with every new client. Then why presume that a team in a certain part of the world will do it for any less than the other. Sure, competitions among agencies that we understand. But based on their countries of origin, that makes no sense.

Developing a website is a week’s job

Umm..sure. If all you want is tacky tabs and forceful web pages made to suit the already bought template which makes your website look like any other copy/paste website in the market. But no client would expect to paint such an impression among their users. Building a customized web space, researching on the requirements of the users, sketching multiple wire frames with every thought on how every click would bring in a new appeal to the website are only parts of how much time we invest brainstorming ideas among the team. So, NO! It isn’t exactly a week’s job. Because, for those who do it purely out of love for their work and technology, will make sure every detail they sketched or coded invites appreciation solely for the kind of work that transforms on screens.

Language Barrier

This may not be such a widely prevalent taboo about an Indian digital creative agency. But it does exist in many parts of the world, the notion that they may not be able to communicate their idea or project as conveniently as they might be able to, with other English speaking countries of the West. They fear that the idea or parts of it might get lost in translation. However, today with a thriving population of English speaking youth in the country, that binges on a daily diet of American sitcoms, movies and music, this one’s hardly a concern. Just another taboo, like the rest, that we must do away with. 

So, if you’re looking for a digitally creative agency that believes in world class standards of web designing and technology, give Jetbro a call. We have web designers like Unlike Anything teaming up with us for projects. Drop us a line at coffee@jetbro.in.  

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The hierarchy of the existent Mandi bazaar has been a cause of worry for farmers and buyers alike. With there always being middlemen, between the two parties, not only do the transactions lack in transparency but it also leaves the farmers with any profit margin for the vegetables that they’ve toiled for months to cultivate.

Senior Professor at IRMA  M. V. Durga Prasad, realizing this plight among farmers and buyers across states,organized a study of these “mandis” in five states in the country, including Gujarat. While studying the tomato market in Madanpalle in Andhra Pradesh, he discovered that the current mode of auctioning in the vegetable markets leaves little room for transparency with the ‘mandi’ agents getting the best of the bargain.

In order to make sure that the farmer, the true beneficiary, reaps profits off his produce and to invite transparency in these auctions, Prof. Prasad inferred a need for automation of the same. This allows conversion of the oral auctioning ascending order into an automated tendering process while ensuring transparency. With years of research and countless interactions with farmers across Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Odisha he laid the foundations of a system whereby the transformation process is brought with the help of internet-based web applications.


The task became incredibly easy for us at Jetbro, with the amount of research and detailed visions as well as objectives set across by Prof. Prasad. We couldn’t wait to transpire them online with a system that benefits, the buyer, the middle men (commissioning agents) and the seller (farmer). The system also helps governments when a commodity like onion that reaches inflated rates.

We were extremely elated to read about the system in The Times Of India, (dated 11th 2014).You can read more about the system and the ingenious contributions of Prof. Prasad to the same, in TOI’s article here


Think you’ve got a similar idea? Or have identified a problem that could probably be solved through automation? Give us a call. Even if it is a theoretical research idea, we’ll help you turn it into an automated functional reality at Jetbro. Because we understand the wonders of automation technology like no other.

So, Coffee then?

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Come on! Don’t be shy, we all know it. A generation of web designers have been torn and bittered to pieces explaining how there are a billion other shades and tones we could work wonders with. So, here’s a list down on things that bother web-designers about Flashy Colours.

They’re too repetitive

Do you know how many bright yellow websites already exist online? Too many. Infact so many that Awwwards.com has a special category where they pick the best out of the legions of yellow websites created year after year. So when someone tells us, ‘Let’s do something different with a flashy yellow background.” Here’s what we are thinking to make your website look different from others, “Let’s NOT do yellow”.

The content loses its purpose

A design is crafted with such intellect and artistry only to make sure that the content on the website gets its due attention. Yes! That! While flashy colours grab attention, they will possibly overshadow the very content of the website. Hence, failing to get across the message that you were choosing to deliver. And isn’t that why you build the website in the first place? For your users to read and know more about your business or project. Clearly, that ain’t happening anymore. Now that there’s a bright orange flashing right back at you.

They are not easy on the eyes 

A website with too many bright colors, tire the eyes easily, making it an uncomfortable experience for users. Readers prefer websites that are light, for it is easier to read. It gives a more clear direction to the eyes and it doesn’t tire the eyes easily. That is why designers suggest going for monochromatic websites.

Not the fonts too

Sometimes, going with a younger appealing demographic and staying in zone with the brand appeal, it become important to have bright colours on the website. It depends entirely on the user demographic, a younger user base or a fun promotional website could always use a fun upbeat website with bright colours, but then it becomes necessary that you don’t overplay it by using equally bright or even brighter colours to go over your fonts. And using dark blue fonts over an orange background is pure blasphemy.

The “Minimal brigade” will never forgive us

Yes, they are a thing and they exist. Ever since we graduated and decided to be web designers, a section of our fraternity, in the form of teachers, mentors and professionals who we look up to have made us sworn, to ALWAYS stick to a minimalistic design. ALWAYS. Do your thing. Know your limits. Never go over-the-top and craft a design that will remain truly timeless. If one wishes to stay minimal and classy, flashy colours are not a consideration. And if we ever were compelled to create one, the Messiahs of Minimalistic designs would never forgive us. Never.

So now you know how difficult it is to work with flashy colours. User experiences should be more about generating a quality user base on your website instead of a pop-up website design that could have well been a Banner or Poster in another life. 

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What’s in a name? That which we call a rose;

By any other name would smell as sweet.

Or so, thought Shakespeare!

 Doesn’t quite go well, if you are talking about naming your new brand though. While the logical approach is going with a local, relatable name that appeals to all and can easily be pronounced. But then there comes a brand like F.C.U.K (French Connection U.K) that defies it all. Is it French? Is it English? And a rather objectionable name to pronounce.

Taking a look closer home, things are quite surprisingly different as well. There is an utter obsession among Indians pronounced with foreign brands and the market has only adopted and cultured itself to the same. India’s history with the British reigned in foreign brands like Vicks, Cadbury and Horlicks and even after several years post-independence, Indians find certain glamour attached to foreign brands and this gave rise to Indian companies adopting foreign names to appeal to an India that equates foreign brands with quality and luxury. This niches out from a general ideology that the best comes from the west.

Consider this. Munich Polo in spite of being an Indian brand sells itself as a German one. Its website uses German language to depict Munich’s rich cultural heritage from where they derive their inspiration and dresses up fair skinned children as their models to propagate the German feel associated with the brand.

There hasn’t been an explanation on the German name by the brand so far and same goes the case for Da Milano Italia and Franco Leone. Both, Indian brands with names having an Italian origin. Koutons is another popular Indian brand that uses foreign models to advertise their collection under a foreign name.

The trend isn’t quite restricted to apparel and accessory merchandising. Fiama Di Wills, a brand with a range of personal care products is another Indian brand in disguise along with La Opalo that sells a range of tableware.

And just a wild guess here, you thought Allen Solly was a foreign brand as well, didn’t you? Aah! Those foreign models pictured in foreign locations could be hard not to fall for.

Unarguably, these foreign names have clearly worked for these brands and we’ve grown to realize how important it is to name your brand right.

Gladly for you, we know it all and understand how difficult it is to come up with just the right name, the logo and an outlook that clicks. Give Jetbro a call for any such queries and more!